Sex Toy Buyers Guide


For those of you just beginning your jolly journey of the Guptt experience, each corner will be filled with enticing options, each of which will no doubt be cooing a seductive siren song in your ear. (Ahh we love that coo).

We promise to find you not only a toy to get you started on the path of new pleasure, but a go-to item for a future of intimacy!

Know your pleasure

Around 65% of women who have orgasm do so through clitoral stimulation rather than penetration, so we always suggest an external vibrator to get you started. Bullet Vibrators have helped millions of women worldwide unlock the sensual pleasures of the big-O, so take a look and see what tickles your fancy.

The classics

Mia 2

downloadMia 2 is the perfect luxury handbag accessory, making a great companion to those of you looking for a discreet option on the go. This lipstick vibe has some serious strength despite its petite frame. It can also be charged via USB- easy and irresistible, right?



Lily 2

download (1)This groundbreaking pleasurable gem is certainly one of a kind, with its gentle curve, the Lily 2 is designed to sit against the clitoris for exhilarating solo and couple play. Lilly 2 is also the world’s first luxury massager to be infused with aphrodisiac scents to enhance the pleasure!


Pretty and Powerful

Ora 2

download (2)This is the perfect first time vibe for a lover of the oral arts, Ora 2 works unlike any other intimate massager to please you in ways never felt before. With a unique stimulator that provides flicks, swirls and vibrations on and around the clitoris to mimic the most supremely satisfying oral sensation.




download (3)Probably Guptts most beautiful external vibe is the Lelo Alia. This fully waterproof vibe is perfect in the bath or shower, as its unique cut out handle give effective and comfortable control during the heat of the moment. Alia is a great product for solitary moments of a sensual kind- bur even better when shared with someone else.




download (4)Petite, powerful and pocket-sized. Tango is designed for precise external stimulation on and around the clitoris, its tapered tip delivers intense vibrations with pinpoint focus, while the flat edge is perfect for all-over massage. Perfect for sharing alone or with a partner, this bullet is sure to throw you into a sensual frenzy!


Top tips from Guptt

Be a materialist

Be sure that the toy you purchase is made from high quality body safe materials. Avoid toys made from jelly and rubber as they’re difficult clean and the quality can begin to deteriorate, instead choose products made from porous materials such as silicone or plastic. Rest assured, all our products have been carefully tested and selected based on their high quality and durability, of course you can expect only the best from Guptt.

Shop with a buddy

When shopping online, we always suggest you look with a friend or a partner. No matter who you decide to shop with, we always say browsing with someone you know and trust is not only fun but informative too.

Happy hunting pleasure seekers!