Sex & Men’s Health


Did you ever think that being ‘friends with benefits’ came with health benefits? Well listen up… We have written about how orgasms are good for your health, but this article is focusing on the guys out there, and the health benefits they can expect from having sex with the one who’s closest to them.

Keep Your Dude In a Good Mood

Women’s orgasm can decrease pain from menstrual cramps, but the fact is, his orgasm has the same effect. Headaches, pain and sore muscles can all be alleviated with a little sex. Research suggest when we orgasm we release oxytocin, which has been proven to increase our pain threshold by up to 50%.

Better Zzzzz’s

The same burst of oxytocin that supplements his orgasm is a natural sleep aid, and can help regulate sleeping patterns. This probably explains why he is the first to nod off after doing it. Let’s face it, we all know how important a good nights sleep is to our health and productivity.

The Importance of the P-Spot

The National Cancer Institute found that an average of 21 ejaculations a month cuts the threat of prostate cancer by 33%. While doubling that number wouldn’t necessarily decrease those chances further, that’s no reason not to try!

Give his prostate some attention with our range of prostate massagers to make his climaxes even more intense, or to even introduce as a form of foreplay.

It’s No-brainer

Research suggests, three or more sexual encounters per week help reduce a man’s chances of a stroke or heart attack by half, which is a huge decrease for an all too common malady. Sex can also be a great cardio workout that can burn up to 200 calories over a half hour session.