Are you having 200 orgasms?


A good laugh, a long sleep and an exhilarating orgasm are usually the solution to most of life’s challenges, but how many orgasms should we be having to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Well, a recent study from the Duke University, found a clear correlation between a healthy sex life and looking and feeling up to 6 years younger.

A key theme of this research is that this physiological source of youthfulness can be attained by having over 200 orgasms a year; a bit of science Guptt can definitely support.

The great news is, a healthy active sex life also benefits us in various other departments too:

A bolstered immune system

High sexual activity boosts the amount of immunoglobin A produced by the body. An enzyme that increases your body’s resilience to viruses and illness, such as colds or flu.

An improved appearance

The same endorphins that help to boost intimacy also keep your skin supple and improve your complexion. Furthermore the act of lovemaking itself is an excellent calorie burner!

More refreshing sleep patterns

The drop in blood pressure and the release of natural sedatives that occur after having an orgasm can lead to sleep, and help regulate a consistent sleep pattern.

Like the sound of more orgasms? Well, to reach your target of 200 orgasms you don’t even need a partner. When it comes to doing the deed, sometimes you’ve just got to do it yourself- and adding a G-spot vibrator to the equation won’t hurt your chances for pleasure. If you’re a girl who likes to keep a secret safe, we present to you our discreet toys; perfect when on the go.

So next time you feel like enjoying yourself, take our word for it, the benefits go beyond pleasure, and you’re doing your health a good service too!