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Our luxury dildos are considered the best G-spot vibrators available in India; for women who forget the hype, and focus on the pleasure.

We’d like to add some spring to your step with GUPTT’s best selling rabbit vibrators and vibrating eggs

There are few who recognise that life isn’t quite black or white, who spend a good part of their existence fighting for freedom from these boxes, only to find that they’re placed in another box instead.

Practice making perfect is the most fun when it comes to sex, so invest some time in your spiritual sex life with our resolutions for 2017

Moms may have always said that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” But there’s another male organ that serves the same function. Yes, we’re talking about the prostate

When people say that sex is everywhere, we can tell you, they’re not lying. From the way you feel about yourself, how good you’re sleeping, to even your body image

“Why do I need a man, I have my vibrator.” Oh gosh, now there’s a sentiment we’ve all heard during our most boisterous, female-dominated conversations

You may have heard someone say, “whenever you sleep with someone you’re also sleeping with their past partners” at some point in your life.

While the term “flirting” might invoke thoughts of childhood silliness, the truth is, it’s a behavior that we never grow out of, no matter how old we are.

Self-esteem has just as big an impact inside the bedroom as it does outside of it, and just like us all, we’re all subject to a crisis of confidence from time to time.

When the word ‘bondage’ is mentioned, it generally fills your mind’s eye with shocking images of leather masks, uncomfortable collars and being locked away in a dark cellar somewhere in central Europe.

A good laugh, a long sleep and an exhilarating orgasm are usually the solution to most of life’s challenges, but how many orgasms should we be having to maintain a healthy lifestyle?